Luce Raggi

KEEP IT UNREAL - The Ceramic Movie


00:05:30 - 16:9 - 2D Digital Animation by Luce Raggi

Electro Music by Simona Wilbi

Faenza, Italy

"This is not a ceramic exhibition".

KEEP IT UNREAL - The Ceramic Movie is a 12fps digital animation starring Luce Raggi's ceramic pieces in movement. The animation follows the trip of the ceramic thumbs around the world. They are actually visiting the same places the artist has been to, where she documented local personalities playing with her work. Leaving on a bus from Faenza in Italy and its ceramic tradition, they are going to Japan, South Korea, France, Egypt, Mexico and London. Experiencing our hideous present and different adventures such as becoming finger food, climbing a mountain of toilet paper or singing with the Ramones. Ending up in Central Park NY, with a Pokemon Game Over.

KEEP IT UNREAL - The Ceramic Movie is sponsored by MIC (Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche Faenza)